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Free shipping for any order total over $25


To make the best cup of coffee you need the ingredients to be the best quality, and yes, this includes the water you use! Water contributes up to 94-98% of a coffee beverage make up. This causes it to palpably affect the flavor and smell. Therefore, just like equipment and storage, it is important to understand how it can affect your cup of joe. Minerals Water, being a solvent, dissolves minerals from the environment, and in turn affect the taste of your coffee. One example is hydrogen carbonate, a mineral found naturally in water. When there is too much of this component

Coffee cupping as a whole is becoming more and more accessible for the everyday coffee drinker. You can easily order coffee cupping kits online and there are even cupping kits for cold brew available online. However, cupping is also changing for those within the industry as well. From the equipment used to how we record our data, changes are happening. What is Cupping? Coffee cupping evaluations started in the 1890’s. Prior to this time most coffee evaluation was visual, and pricing was based upon the size and color of the green coffee beans. Coffee cupping is a professional skill completed  certified individuals

Different types of coffee will almost always have varying and sometimes distinct coffee tasting notes. Even if you aren’t aware, they play a role in figuring out what specific type of coffee you may prefer. Despite the fact that these notes are so important, and as they can ultimately affect what cup or bag you pick up, many coffee drinkers are unaware as to what coffee tasting notes even are. Coffee tasting notes are a combination of the different aspects of coffee. They help create the exact experience you have when you make and drink your cup of coffee. This includes different

What Is Cascara? Cascara is the fruity flesh of the coffee cherry that is then dried and transformed into many alternative products. However, this wasn’t always the case. Originally, many farmers simply discarded the fruit as a byproduct of coffee production. Some would use it for compost but, that was about as useful as it seemed. Now we know better. We have learned of the value of this small superfood and have already transformed how it is used. Even better, it is now a great way for farms to generate more income from their labor intensive coffee production efforts. The Details Cascara is usually

Every year new coffee trends trot out to greet us but, this year, what will make the list as 2020’s big coffee trends? At the beginning of the year, it would have been safe to list the flat white, coffee cocktails, and coffee slushies/smoothies as must try drinks this year. Now with cafes and bars closed due to COVID-19, we are seeing alternative big coffee trends taking over the scene. Large Format Coffee Trend Right now, everyone wants to support their small, local businesses. Social media even encourages the behavior with new stickers, tags, and hashtags. However, if you are going out in

Coffee consumption has always been a topic of great debate and humor. How much is too much? Flavored? How late is too late to drink? Decaf, really!? Now with most of the population staying in their homes, we are now looking at coffee differently and the same. Based on a survey Sprudge conducted, they are finding coffee consumption is on the rise. Out of 468 people, they found, “Before coronavirus folks were consuming on average 2.45 cups of coffee a day. That number has since gone up to 2.77 cups, roughly a third cup extra a day representing an over 13%

Coffee stands can always draw a crowd with specialty coffee, latte art, and tasty treats but, what happens when the stand itself is the initial draw? Many coffee shops have themes, education programs, and even performers to draw a crowd. So, coffee stands have really stepped up their game to compete with cat/dog, gallery, and superhero (the list goes on) themed cafes. Here are a few places that are uniquely memorable to be sure: • On The Road Coffee Located in Denver, CO, artist Matthew Pendleton has created a coffee stand inside of a VW Bug. He became inspired when he saw this idea

Coffee inspired art can mean a number of wonderful things. Coffee can lend inspiration to create music, writing, and cuisine. But what happens when the coffee is now the medium used to create? There are people who are using coffee paint, mix mediums, and even creating full spectrums of color by introducing tea into the mix. Painting Maria Aristidou uses brewed coffee and grounds to paint beautiful watercolors. She has become greatly skilled in identifying the variations in color among a variety of various roasts. Giulia Bernardelli has taken to painting with spoons, toothpicks, and even her own fingers both in and out

What is sustainability? Does the word mean the same thing to each one of us? Can one’s sustainability definition satisfy someone else’s? It turns out the answer to these questions are not as simple as one would think in today’s changing socioeconomic, ecological and political world! Sustainability can take forms as varied as environmental sustainability, and focus on one single aspect such as: • increased waste reaching landfills, • helping the coffee supply chain be more sustainable by helping coffee farmers improve their daily lives and futures, • minimizing the impact of the higher energy requirements have on our ecosystems and climate changes. Let’s start

Matcha is a powdered green tea that is bursting with energy-giving antioxidants, a unique vegetal flavor, and a 100% natural and unmistakable bright green color. It is made from the leaves of high-quality green teas, and stone-ground into a fine powder. Although foodstuffs, smoothies, and more featuring Matcha have become a popular and recent trend cementing the tea’s status as a Social Media darling, the beverage actually has origins in 11th century Japan. There it was considered a precious medicine and only available to a select few. Thirteenth century samurai warriors are believed to have consumed Matcha prior to battle, having learned brewing

Unlike black and green teas, herbal teas (or infusions – or tisanes) do not hail from the Camellia sinensis plant, and therefore are not officially “tea.” They are, however, completely caffeine-free, and are widely believed to provide multiple health benefits, including allergy, indigestion, and insomnia relief. Their aromatic qualities make them perfect as an after-dinner drink, or to sip after slipping under a warm blanket on a late night with a good book in hand. Types of Herbal Tea Herbal teas comprise many popular herbs, including, but not limited to: • Mint • Hibiscus • Chamomile • Licorice • Ginger • Lemongrass Many herbal teas are blends of an assortment of

The origins of green tea can be traced back more than 4,000 years to China, but its story is also predominantly rooted in Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. A varietal of the Camellia sinensis plant, green tea is considered to have some of the strongest healing properties of all teas, and contains powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols. Unlike black tea, it is not oxidized. In fact, green tea leaves are steamed directly following their harvest to preserve flavor. The tea is put through a rigorous one-day process that includes three different stages: • Pan frying or steaming blocks enzymes that would cause oxidation and

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