With a heritage of growers, exporters, importers, and roasters, Orinoco Coffee & Tea has produced and sold the finest coffees and teas since 1909.

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What Orinoco Coffee & Tea Customers Have to Say

“Orinoco Coffee and Tea has been great to work with. They roast fresh only when coffee is ordered and their service team is very responsive whenever I have questions. Their coffees are of high quality and they will even work with you on custom blends. They have been very helpful in designing retail options for the coffees and teas we serve. Orinoco is also very flexible with equipment. They worked with me to get just the thing I need in our shops. I highly recommend Orinoco Coffee and Tea.” – J.R., owner, Washington, D.C. – based coffee house chain.

“I have been working closely with the Orinoco sales team for many years. I find the staff to be very responsive, and I highly recommend their private label program. They helped us choose the best bag and assisted us with the label design. Our products really stood out, especially around the holidays when we added special holiday labels and blends to our product line. As a local chain located in the greatest city the world, we demand world-class products. Orinoco Coffee and Tea met our high standards each day, and continues to provide our stores in New York City with great coffee blends and service.” M.C., senior director of merchandising, well-known New York City subsidiary of national grocery store chain.

“I saw your K cups for the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee yesterday at a Giant Food store in Virginia. It was refreshing to see this type of coffee in a K cup, versus the usual bland varieties that are sold by other brands. I have always loved Yirgacheffe. I want to let you know that the coffee is excellent. You have really captured the flavor in the K cup, which is not always guaranteed. I gave it a try because it was on sale. I will be going back to the store today to buy more. I don’t think I’ve seen this in the store before, so I wish you the best of luck with sales and I hope it sells well. Thank you for having the courage to put this type of coffee in K cup. I know that typical coffee connoisseurs don’t use K cups! But I got really tired of making coffee the other way. So now I’m at the mercy of whatever shows up in the market! Thank you again,” – Tammy, coffee lover, Virginia.

“After eating at a restaurant in Arlington, VA, I ordered a cup of coffee that I absolutely loved. I informed the waiter that this was the best cup of coffee that I had ever tasted, and I asked him what brand they were serving. He showed me coffee bag and informed me that is was Orinoco.” – Thomas B., coffee lover, Arlington, Virginia.

“Orinoco  is a great company to work with and they have great coffee. Guests are always asking where we get our coffee and we get to proudly say Orinoco. Not only is their coffee great but so is their service.  Working at a restaurant is demanding and hectic. Having a great company that takes care of all of our coffee needs is such a relief and a blessing. “ – C.B., Dining Room Manager, Owings Mills, MD

“I own two very busy coffee shops in Richmond, Virginia. As you can imagine, my day is very busy and filled with juggling schedules, managing employees, and attending to my customers. I can’t afford to have issues with my coffee supply because it’s the lifeline to my business. I think what I really appreciate most about Orinoco Coffee & Tea is that they really understand that. The staff is attentive to my needs and everyone is willing to go the extra mile to make sure my business is successful. No matter if it is a product or service related question, they are always ready to help.” – S.J., owner, two Richmond, Virginia – based coffee shops.