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Coffee Accompaniments to Enjoy This World Chocolate Day

Jul 5, 2023 | Food & Flavorings

While coffee holds a special place in our hearts every day of the year, today we shine a spotlight on a specific occasion that brings chocolate enthusiasts from all corners of the globe together: World Chocolate Day. Observed July 7th each year, this delightful event is a testament to the universal love for all things cocoa.

Now, you might be wondering, “What does coffee have to do with World Chocolate Day?” Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Coffee and chocolate share a deep-rooted connection that enhances overall indulgence and amplifies our taste bud experience. These two culinary powerhouses form a match made in gastronomic heaven, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on our palates.

Whether it’s the smooth richness of velvety dark chocolate or the creamy sweetness of a milk chocolate bar, the addition of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee can take the chocolate experience to new heights.

The robustness of coffee complements the complexity of chocolate, unraveling layers of flavors and unveiling hidden nuances. It’s no wonder that coffee shops across the globe have embraced this dynamic duo, offering a wide array of mochas, cappuccinos, and lattes that cater to the cravings of chocolate enthusiasts.

So, on this World Chocolate Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the union of these two culinary delights by exploring innovative coffee accompaniments that unlock the full potential of this indulgent partnership.

  • White chocolate: An incredibly sweet combination of sugar, cocoa butter, milk, and vanilla, but no cocoa solids, white chocolate can be the perfect mix-in for delicate coffees with bright floral notes and hints of fruit. Colombian and Costa Rican coffees are ideal for this pairing, as white chocolate’s light creaminess is not overpowering. Try Orinoco’s sugar-free white chocolate syrup, from Monin, here.
  • Dark Chocolate: If you’ve never tried chocolate-covered espresso beans, World Chocolate Day is your chance to change that this year and launch a lifelong love affair with the decadent treat. Why is this flavor combination so wonderful? Dark chocolate flavors temper the taste of the acidic coffee bean while adding a touch of sweetness. Throw in that soft, silky crunch that results from the coating, and it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular coffee accompaniments for chocolate lovers ever created. Try our chocolate-covered espresso beans from Koppers.
  • Chocolate powder: As mentioned earlier, mochas have taken the coffee-loving populace by storm, and you can mimic this coffee shop confection at home simply by adding a scoop of unsweetened cocoa powder to your grounds. You can also brew your coffee of choice first before adding a splash of cocoa powder, stirring well, and filling the cup. For a classic mocha, try a shot of espresso with steamed milk and cocoa powder, then sweetening to taste with sugar or flavored syrups. (And here’s a chocolate lover life hack: this taste sensation also works the other way around. Adding concentrated espresso powder into your cake mix can yield one of the richest and most chocolatey cakes you’ve ever tasted.)

World Chocolate Day may come just once a year, but here’s the good news: the coffee accompaniments listed above are a luscious way to start or end the day, and all are available year-round.

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