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Kick Off a New Year with the Top (Tasty) Coffee Trends of 2023

Looking to stay on top of the latest coffee trends of 2023? You’re in luck because this particular New Year is set to be an exciting one for both coffee drinkers and the industry at large.

From an emphasis on sustainability to unique brewing methods and cup size, you can check out some of the top – and tasty – coffee trends of 2023 below!

  1. Coffee will be cooler than ever: Both socially and temperature-wise. The New York Times reported last year that Starbucks’ iced coffee orders constitute 60% of the company’s sales – even during those deep freeze days on the East coast. Whether you simply love the sugary flavor – or see cold coffee as a time saver that eliminates the possibility of a lukewarm beverage – iced coffee, cold brew, and supercooled snap-chilled coffee will continue to be a hot topic in 2023.
  2. Sustainable sourcing and packaging are still on point: Today’s young consumers want to know the companies they do business with care as much about the planet and their carbon footprint as they do, and that means sustainable practices will be more important than ever. Emphasizing organic and Fair Trade products will be essential for coffee roasters and sellers while going above and beyond to collaborate and support global growers will be imperative to earning consumer loyalty.
  3. Make way for more milk alternatives: Oat, almond, and soy milk are tried-and-true coffee mix-ins that offer multiple benefits for individuals with dietary restrictions or who are lactose intolerant while delivering dynamic flavor profiles for consumers who just like a little something different. And additional choices, like milk made from hemp or macadamia nuts, are also growing in popularity, and popping up on the coffee shop and café menus.
  4. Buttered coffee slips onto the list: One of the more interesting trends that stands to grease the rails a bit more in 2023 is the butter coffee fad. Called Bulletproof coffee by some, that particular term is actually specific to a concoction invented by Dave Asprey that includes grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and medium-chain triglycerides (or MCT). Butter coffee, on the other hand, is a more homegrown version of the drink, and is precisely what it sounds like: a cup of joe given an extra jolt thanks to a tablespoon of butter. Popular with health enthusiasts following a keto diet, it’s also slipping into the mainstream and finding fans among coffee drinkers looking for long-lasting energy.
  5. Convenience conquers all: People want their coffee when they want their coffee, and small, medium, and large cup sizes just won’t cut it anymore. Larger cup sizes will be in demand at the coffee shop to accommodate cool new beverages (see above), while single-serve, pre-packaged, Ready-to-Drink (RTD) coffee beverages will continue to keep coffee lovers fueled throughout their busy days.

The one coffee trend that will never fall out of favor – this year, next year, or 20 years from now – is the importance of quality and freshness to a successful roast. That’s why Orinoco uses only the choicest beans from some of the world’s most lauded growing regions and pairs them with state-of-the-art roasting equipment and custom packaging that puts flavor and aroma first. We offer a wide variety of regular, decaffeinated, flavored, and Organic/Fair Trade Coffee, and continue to guarantee a fresh, evenly roasted, and great-tasting cup of coffee every time you brew.

Happy New Year, everybody!