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Protein-Packed Coffee Packs a Punch

It’s called “proffee,” and it’s taking coffee shops, kitchen counters, and fitness centers by storm. Short for “protein-packed coffee,” this beverage is a burgeoning favorite with health-conscious coffee lovers who want to give their workouts – and their morning java – a jolt, while also packing in essential nutrients to support muscle growth and recovery post-workout.

High-quality Arabica beans provide a smooth flavor profile, while plant-based, whey, or collagen protein powders deliver additional health and strength-building benefits.

Many proffee aficionados blend protein shakes with their morning coffee or mix in scoops of protein powder to give the beverage that extra boost. High-protein plant milk, like pea milk, offers a similar result.

But… why?

Protein comprises a chain of amino acids, which ultimately help the body repair and generate cells. It’s an important component for the proper growth and development of children and adolescents and plays a vital role in pregnancy.

For exercise enthusiasts, protein helps to build muscle and maintain bulk. As we work out, exercise strains the body. Protein helps damaged tissues to rebound faster and more fully.

Proffee is particularly beneficial for individuals who typically do not have some kind of protein with breakfast. This unique beverage not only delivers protein’s regenerative properties, but it can help you to feel more satisfied throughout the day, reducing cravings and subsequent snacking. Meanwhile, the caffeine in the coffee gives your metabolism a boost, relieving muscle pain and keeping you alert.

Bottoms Up!

Want to try proffee for yourself? All it takes is a few scoops of protein powder, well stirred, in your favorite Orinoco coffee. Because mixing powder with freshly brewed, piping hot coffee will likely result in a frothy, foamy concoction, many protein-packed coffee fans first cool their coffee using milk or creamer, or simply add protein powder to an iced coffee drink. Problem solved.

If you’re looking for a delicious way to get some extra energy throughout your day without all the unnecessary sugar found in other caffeinated beverages, protein-packed coffee may be worth a try.

The key to a perfect proffee, however, starts with a quality, freshly roast hot or cold brew coffee. Order your favorite online at Orinoco Coffee & Tea.