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4 Portable Coffee Brewers that Make the Great Outdoors Even Greater

Jun 19, 2019 | Blog, Coffee


Portable coffee brewers are becoming a take-along staple for campers, beachgoers, backpackers, and more.

You may be concerned that whipping up a nice espresso on the open trail could make you the subject of ridicule. Will your fellow travelers roll their eyes and make sarcastic comments about you “roughing it” or call you names like “Smokey the Barista?” It’s possible.

But you know what? Let them laugh.

We coffee lovers know how important a great-tasting, quality cup of java is to happiness – not to mention survival – and there’s absolutely no shame in attempting to take that satisfaction along with you during your travels.

Besides, when you choose any one of the following portable coffee brewers – you’ll have the last laugh, and a phenomenal cup of coffee, whether you’re in the woods, on the shore, in the desert, or virtually anywhere else in the world.

  1. Old school percolators. Cabela’s makes a great model, as does Farberware. Rugged stainless steel provides protection from the elements, while a two-piece basket design allows tour guides to brew coffee for the entire traveling party. And they couldn’t be easier to use. Simply fill the reservoir with water, top off the filter basket with ground coffee, place on top of a heat source, and let the bubbling begin.
  2. AeroPress. Similar to a French press, the AeroPress is remarkably lightweight, easy to transport, assemble, and use. Because of its plunger-style technique, it creates a consistently bolder, espresso-like brew than other portable coffee brewers, like the percolator. A short brew time means you get your coffee sooner, to boot.
  3. Collapsible drip coffee makers. Dreamt up by the engineering wizards at GSI Outdoors, these sealed silicone base wonders fold flat for easy storage and transport. But when they spring into action, watch out. All you need is a #4 filter, coffee grounds, and hot water. Then sit back and wait for the slow drip magic to begin.
  4. Propane picks. Coleman leads the pack of propane-powered camping coffee makers. One cylinder, 16 ounces of propane, and more than a dozen uses before refill make this device a force to be reckoned with, while a built-in, matchless igniter switch keeps things safe. At $109, it’s somewhat more expensive than other options – but no one ever said good coffee was cheap.

Are you packing your bags for a hike or the beach ball for a trip to the shore? Why not give one of these portable coffee brewers a shot? Then snag one of your favorite ground Orinoco roasts and hit the open trail.