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Easy Lemonade

Lemonade-TeaLooking for an easy way to make your own lemonade without having to add more product lines to your shop? Look no further than Monin Lemon Syrup!



2 oz. Monin Lemon Syrup

5 oz. water

2 wedges fresh lemon





1. Combine all ingredients, except fresh lemon wedges in a shaker.

2. Squeeze lemon wedges and drop into shaker.

3. Cap and shake vigorously.

4. Pour into serving glass and garnish as desired.


RECIPE TIP: If you are looking to jazz up your lemonade, than simply add 3/4 oz. ANY Monin Fruit Flavored Syrup to this recipe. And don’t stop there. You can also combine your Monin Easy Lemonade with Orinoco Iced Teas to create your very own Te’ade. The possibilities are endless!