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Coffee is Everywhere – in Wine, Food, and Tennis Shoes

Aug 28, 2019 | Blog


Are you such a coffee fanatic that you’re starting to see it, literally, everywhere you go?

There might be a non-hallucinogenic reason for that.

Coffee is everywhere, from clothes to candy to alcoholic beverages.

In a society increasingly enamored with the idea of sustainability – coffee has begun to pop up in the most interesting places that aren’t your reusable cup.

Here are just four examples:

A Good Vintage

Coffee-infused wine is a concept that truly could have died on the vine, but the Modesto, CA-based Apothic Wines appears to be making it work.

Last year, the winery introduced its coffee-infused red wine, boasting “fruity red notes, toasted oak, and a low-key mocha undertone.” The cold brew wine is said to have a rich coffee taste, while containing less caffeine than the average cup of decaf coffee.

Will additional wineries soon follow suit?

Chug It

Speaking of java-inspired jolts, Milwaukee-based brewer Pabst Blue Ribbon released a coffee-flavored beer earlier this summer. Five percent alcohol by volume, the caffeinated malt beverage is known as “hard coffee” and is made with actual Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, milk, and vanilla flavoring. Tested in a smattering of states along the east coast, reactions have been incredibly positive thus far.

Soda is Shaking Things Up

The category-blurring continues courtesy of bona fide cold brew and cascara purveyor Slingshot, and its new coffee sodas. At 60 calories and 1/3 the sugar of a traditional soda, the Black Cherry and Citrus Vanilla Crème varieties are hoping to be a late summer hit with coffee lovers who enjoy a bit of carbonation with their cup of Joe.

They’d better hit quick, though, as Coca Cola is getting in on the act, with plans to release its coffee cola later this year.

One Roast Fits All

You say drinkable forms of coffee don’t thrill you, and are all variations on a theme?

Maybe a $400 pair of Vegan coffee shoes will get things back on track.

Featuring an upper that’s composed of 50% sustainably-sourced coffee grounds, the remainder of the shoe is said to comprise eco-friendly, vegan materials – such as recycled PET bottles, cork insoles, animal-free glue, and rubber. Engineered by one of Europe’s oldest shoemaking dynasties, the unisex shoes are available in both high and low tops and arrive with a hint of that signature coffee aroma.

Just don’t step into any bathtubs – unless you have a mug handy.

In all seriousness, there has been a recent uptick in coffee being used for ethical, sustainable clothing production – particularly in the activewear industry.

Because used coffee grounds often end up in a landfill, resourceful manufacturers have discovered a way to process it for the purposes of making yarn – which is then woven into a fabric that has natural sweat-wicking, odor-absorbing, and fast-drying properties; perfect for athletic wear.

But That’s Not All…

After all, necessity breeds invention, and in a world of swiftly depleting resources – the socially-conscious continue to strive to find ways to reduce a carbon footprint while meeting common needs.

In other words, coffee-flavored booze and brew-inspired shoes are just the tip of the iceberg. Coffee is being used to create everything from unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry to bicycle parts to coffeeshop serving ware that cuts down on plastic waste.

As a firm believer in sustainable practices, Orinoco is excited to see what comes next in the realm of products that are coffee-infused, inspired, and engineered. In the meantime, we are proud to offer you the best our legacy has to offer; from our roasters to your coffee cup. Order your favorite flavor today!