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Kenya AA


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Kenya AA is one of the finest coffees available, well known for its well-rounded flavor, excellent aroma, and acidity.

Almost everyone in the coffee industry grades Kenya AA coffee as one of his or her favorites. This is because Kenyan coffee has everything we want from a good cup of coffee; a wonderful and satisfying aroma, an excellent balance of acidity and body, and excellent fruit.

Despite its proximity to Ethiopia (believed to be the beginning of coffee), a source states that coffee was not cultivated in Kenya until 1893 when French Holy Ghost Fathers introduced coffee trees from Reunion Island. The mission farms near Nairobi were used as the center around which Kenyan coffee-growing developed.

Most Kenyan coffee grows at 5000 to 7000 feet, and because of Kenya’s privileged position north of the equator, there are two harvests each year, the coffee is grown by small scale holders (about 70%) who deliver fresh coffee cherries to cooperative washing stations, which then deliver the parchment (parchment is the last state of coffee before de-husking) coffee to cooperative unions. The Kenyan coffee industry is also noted for its marketing and weekly auction system

The Kenyan government takes the coffee industry extremely seriously, in fact, uprooting or otherwise destroying coffee trees is illegal. The mayor coffee-growing regions in Kenya are the high plateaus around Mt. Kenya, the Aberdare Range, Kisii, Nyanza, Bungoma, Nakuru, Kericho, and to a smaller scale in Machakos and Taita Hills in Eastern and coast providences respectively.

Finally, the USDA foreign agricultural service states that “while demand for Kenya coffee in the world remains steady, with the United States being one of the top export destinations, the future of Kenya’s coffee production is uncertain. FAS/Nairobi forecasts a significant drop in Kenya’s coffee production in the marketing year (MY) 2019/2020 due to drought, low prices, and the persistent shift of coffee producers to less risky enterprises. Meanwhile, the Government of Kenya (GOK) coffee sector reforms are falling short.”

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