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Colombia La Meseta

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Colombia brought its first coffee trees from the French Antilles in 1808 via Venezuela; today Colombia is the third coffee producer country in the world after Brazil and Vietnam with an input ( 2019 ) of 14 million 132-pound bags placing Colombia La Meseta in a very privilege position in the worldwide coffee market. Coffee from Colombia is one of the few coffees out of all the coffee producing countries of the world that could be sold all over the world under its own name, no other coffee has achieved that level of respect for its quality.

Colombia is the second-largest producer of arabica coffee beans, little robusta is farmed in Colombia, however, today the Colombian coffee industry has many more variations to offer from many more regions, and estate microlots.

We at Orinoco Coffee & Tea are currently using Colombian coffee coming from the Jardin region, on a 5000-foot altitude coffee estate called "Finca La Meseta".

Colombian coffee, when well roasted, delivers a smooth full-flavored cup, and although it might look as mere Colombian coffee to the common denominator coffee drinker, Colombian coffees coming from places such as Finca La Meseta tend to stand out due to the altitude level on which it was grown, the educated consumer will notice what makes this so special. Undertones of caramel and nuts with a bright finish, extremely pleasant for a Colombian coffee. Colombian coffee is roasted at a medium spectrum to fully appreciate its caramel undertones.

We at Orinoco strive for excellence and reliability, after all, we have four generations of coffee experience backing us up. This is a very limited coffee so if you are combing the web looking into getting this coffee perhaps you should look no further and get it from us in order to ensure quality, quantity, and consistency.

Now that you know more about Colombia la Meseta. be sure to purchase one of your very own.

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1 review for Colombia La Meseta

  1. irenemtctp

    Light, enticing aroma. Smokey caramel taste slides smoothly through all your senses. This is our favorite coffee; our household is never without it. The only thing that would improve it are Organic and fair trade guarantees.

    • Vanessa McCallister

      Thank you for your review! If you are looking for an Organic option, give our Organic Fair Trade Colombia Sierra Nevada a try!

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