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Free shipping for any order total over $25


Free Shipping for any order over $25.

Favorites Sampler


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Enjoy a sampling of our customer’s favorite coffees from each of our four primary categories; Organic, Regular, Flavored, Decaffeinated, and Seasonal.


Organic Fair Trade Peru – a subtle body with great acidity and balance
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – a very rich and brilliant cup, with floral and fruit notes
Cinnamon French Toast – rich with the taste and scent of maple syrup and warm cinnamon
Decaffeinated Colombia – great body, low acidity, and a superbly balanced flavor
Frosty’s Favorite – a decadent mix of chocolate, coconut, and sweet cream


All coffees are a 2 oz. portion, ground drip.

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Additional information

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Free shipping for any order total over $25