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What is Bird-Friendly Coffee?

Jan 25, 2024 | Blog

“Bird-Friendly coffee” – the practice of growing coffee under a canopy of native trees to support migratory songbird habitats – has taken flight. In fact, this concept has swooped into the lexicon as a beacon of sustainability and biodiversity among coffee enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers. Better yet, this commitment to the environment is shared by companies like ours, whose dedication to eco-friendly practices has soared to new heights over the last two decades.

The Origin of Bird-Friendly Coffee

Developed in the mid-1990s by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, the Bird-Friendly certification combats the loss of bird habitats caused by intensive coffee farming.

According to the National Zoo, approximately 75% of coffee is farmed using practices that displace migratory birds, or completely eradicate their forest homes. Bird-friendly farms, however, are 100% organic certified, do their planting, growing, and processing without the use of pesticides, and provide a living space for our feathered friends.

What Makes Coffee Bird-Friendly?

Bird-friendly coffee is distinctive for its organic practices and maintenance of forest-like habitats, a principle that we here at Orinoco champion. These coffee farms ensure their coffee is grown under a canopy of native trees, fostering habitats for birds (and subsequently enhancing the coffee’s flavor). Such farms follow rigorous criteria, including organic farming and shade cover, all in support of a healthier ecosystem.

Why Choose Bird-Friendly Coffee?

Opting for Bird-friendly coffee is a choice for environmental stewardship, and retailers selling these beans play a vital role in promoting sustainability and wildlife conservation.

At Orinoco Coffee & Tea, we believe your coffee ritual should contribute to a larger, greener narrative. Our Fair-Trade Certified Seal and alignment with Rainforest Alliance benchmarks underscore their commitment to sustainable practices. Over 40% of Orinoco’s stock is organic, reflecting their adherence to the highest environmental standards​​.

Bird-friendly coffee is a testament to ethical consumption and environmental responsibility, values deeply ingrained in our philosophy. Together, consumers and retailers alike can engage in a global movement towards a more sustainable future where coffee production and environmental conservation are in harmony.