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Unique ways to use Coffee Grounds

Apr 9, 2021 | Blog, Blog Home, Coffee

Coffee grounds. Another byproduct of the coffee making cycle that can be used and reused. So, what are some of the best ways to get the most use out of your grounds?

Outside Uses

Compost is one of the first things people think of when you say used grounds. And it is a great go to but, did you know you could use grounds in various ways to help your garden.

  • Coffee grounds can help lower the pH in your soil which your roses love. Mix 1 cup of grounds in 1 gallon of water, and water the roses. This method helps distribute the grounds evenly and get the nutrients to the roots.
  • Use coffee grounds as a barrier around the garden. It will help keep these pests such as slugs and snails at bay.
  • On the other side of the above, coffee grounds attract worms which are great for your garden.
  • Carrots and radishes love coffee grounds. They will grow larger and sweeter, and the plants will have a greater yield. Just trowel grounds in when planting.

And as a side note to the worms in your garden, avid fishermen have even been known to create worm beds to “grow” bait. You can also add a cup of used grounds in with the worms to keep them alive and moving longer. Some fish are said to be more attracted to coffee scented worms.

Inside Uses

Now that we have covered outdoor uses, let’s find ways to use coffee grounds without trekking out.

  • Skin care – Reuse coffee grounds in body or facial scrubs. Need some advice? Check out a few simple recipes here. You can also make a paste for those pesky under-eye circles. Leave some coconut oil mixed with grinds on the area for 10 minutes as needed.
  • Now we know that you shouldn’t store coffee in the refrigerator because its absorbency causes the coffee to take on the flavors of the items inside. But, once you use those grinds for brewing, sit them in a bowl in the back of the fridge for a day or so and they will clear up any odor issues you may have.
  • Tenderize your meat with used coffee grounds. One way is to use the grounds in a dry-rub recipe by applying it two hours prior to cooking. You can also rebrew used grounds, allow it to cool and use the coffee as a marinade for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. The natural acids and enzymes will tenderize and add flavor to the meat.
  • You can also repair scratched furniture with used grounds. You can add water and make a thick paste. Apply the paste to the scratch and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. This will help buff out the scratch and conceal it by dying the exposed wood a dark-brown color. Reapply as needed to reach the desired color.

And there we have it. A number of ways for you to get the most from your coffee. Not only does it make your favorite beverage but, it also helps save your skin and the planet. Definitely a heroic super-brew!

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