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Unique ways to use Coffee Filters

Mar 17, 2021 | Blog, Blog Home, Coffee

Coffee Filters

Coffee filters. We all know you can use them to brew coffee. But what else? How can we use them and still reduce our footprint?

Are they recyclable?

The short answer is no. They are not recyclable. Once used the oils in coffee make recycling a no go. Even if you rinse them, the recycling plants will not accept them.

Instead, compost them. Even if you don’t compost yourself, check with your local farms and organic markets. They are great resources to help connect people on various ways to help each other and help the planet all at once.

You can also take the plunge and change over to a metal mesh or cloth filter. Using a French Press is also a good no filter solution.

Still sticking to Paper?

So, still hate the idea of accidental grounds in your morning cup or simply a creature of habit? Not a problem! Here are some ideas on how to use those filters. Don’t forget to give them a rinse and dry in between uses!

  • Sounds odd but, with a good rinse and dry, you can reuse a filter up to four, or more, times. Especially good if you like to drink the same coffee each day.
  • Use coffee filters to cover food in the microwave. Minimizes mess and decreases on paper towels which are not reusable.
  • Line planters with filters. This helps with the soil erosion when you water your plants.
  • Storing fragile items. Place a flattened filter between plates or old records, anything your want to avoid having scratches on.
  • Makeshift snack bowls for your handful of chips or candies. Or instead of a paper towel, use a filter under your sandwich.
  • Cleaning glass and stainless steel. Since filters don’t leave lint behind, they are perfect to clean mirrors, electronics, and windows.
  • Removing or applying nail polish. Coffee filters are easy to place under your hand as you apply paint to avoid hitting the table underneath. And they have more surface space and last longer then all those little cotton pads when removing the polish later.

So, there you have it. Coffee filters are a very versatile product. And once you have brewed your morning cup of coffee, you now have many ways you can save a bit of money and the planet all at the same time!

Coffee Filters