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Unique Coffee Stands

Apr 27, 2020 | Blog, Blog Home

Coffee stands can always draw a crowd with specialty coffee, latte art, and tasty treats but, what happens when the stand itself is the initial draw?

Many coffee shops have themes, education programs, and even performers to draw a crowd. So, coffee stands have really stepped up their game to compete with cat/dog, gallery, and superhero (the list goes on) themed cafes.

Here are a few places that are uniquely memorable to be sure:

On The Road Coffee

Located in Denver, CO, artist Matthew Pendleton has created a coffee stand inside of a VW Bug. He became inspired when he saw this idea in action while visiting Thailand. At times, he finds parking in downtown Denver a bit tricky. But, this small stand finds a way to deliver quality pourovers, espressos, cold brew and loose tea to the customers who visit.

Le Bon Café

Located in Asheville, NC, this café is the tiny business of Chantal Berot. She always aspired to own a coffeehouse. However, opening a shop in the midst of a cultural coffee boom can be a big financial risk. So, with the help of the husband, a carpenter, and the discovery of some reclaimed/salvaged materials, her dream came true. This storybook stand now offers coffee, espresso, cold brew, chai, and teas from its charming window.

Fitzroy Coffee Co

Located in Golden, CO this coffee company has taken this tiny coffee stand, made from a converted gondola to luxury status. With its small size and custom trailer, this stand fits just about anywhere, even inside. Along with the face-to-face customer time, this stand offers up pourovers, nitro cold brew, and espresso. They even have a Ripple Maker machine to print images on your foam topped beverages. Every inch of space is accounted for so this stand can stand up and deliver.

Petite Rouge

Located in New Orleans, LA, this coffee truck is was created to bring quality coffee to New Orleans by owners Julie Anne Pieri and Kurt Schmiederer. The bright red camionette offers coffee, espresso, cold brew, tea, and chai lattes made with delicious locally sourced products. In 2018, they even added brick and mortar store.  Along with “Baby Blue”, a second camionette, they help carry the love locals have for their coffee.

Coffee stands have come a long way from just a cup of drip coffee to go from a standard food cart. As you can see from the stands above, all you need is some imagination and ingenuity to make a fabulous, caffeinated dream come true!


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