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Free shipping for any order total over $25

Free shipping for any order total over $25


Three Great Ways to Chill This Summer

Oh how we love the warm weather! Here are a few ways we like to enjoy the season. Which is your favorite?


You’ve got the best coffee in the world (ours). Cold or hot brew it, then put it on ice!

If you use the cold brew method for your iced coffee, we recommend using the Orinoco Breakfast Blend to get the sweet yet smooth taste you love.

If you prefer to hot-brew your grounds before you shock them over ice, we recommend using  our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe to bring out the aromatic characteristics of the coffee.

We’ve listed other options and have more about cold and hot brewing here.



We carry a variety of teas in a wide selection of packaging options. From bottles to tins to tea bags, we’ve got the perfect refresher for you in an assortment of flavors.

Now is a great time to stock up on your favorite iced teas!




#3 Chillax With A Smoothie

Here’s a few of our summer favorites!

dsblueban-500x500Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed Blueberry Banana Smoothie

A rich, ripe pop of blueberry with a hard-­to‐find blueberry linger and just a touch of banana. Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed® whole fruit smoothie purees are 100% real fruit delivering over three servings of fruit per 16- oz. beverage.




Big Train SmoothieBig Train Mango Fruit Tea Smoothie Blast

Big Train’s Mango Fruit Tea Blast smoothie mix concentrate is a perfect fusion of real fruit or juice, green tea and Vitamin C. Each 16-oz. serving contains 150% of your daily Vitamin C allowance and up to 100 mg. of antioxidants.




Monin Pina Colada SmoothieMonin Piña Colada Fruit Smoothie Mix

Instantly transport yourself to a tropical island with a frozen or iced Piña Colada. Made with only natural ingredients, Monin Piña Colada Fruit Smoothie Mix offers all the delightful flavor of creamy coconut and fresh pineapple. Pour over ice and blend for an easy non­‐alcoholic Piña Colada, or add rum to create the classic cocktail, no matter the season.

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Free shipping for any order total over $25