With a heritage of growers, exporters, importers, and roasters, Orinoco Coffee & Tea has produced and sold the finest coffees and teas since 1909.

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Free shipping for any order total over $25

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To make the best cup of coffee you need the ingredients to be the best quality, and yes, this includes the water you use! Water contributes up to 94-98% of a coffee beverage make up. This causes it to palpably affect the flavor and smell. Therefore, just like equipment and storage, it is important to understand how it can affect your cup of joe. Minerals Water, being a solvent, dissolves minerals from the environment, and in turn affect the taste of your coffee. One example is hydrogen carbonate, a mineral found naturally in water. When there is too much of this component

Coffee cupping as a whole is becoming more and more accessible for the everyday coffee drinker. You can easily order coffee cupping kits online and there are even cupping kits for cold brew available online. However, cupping is also changing for those within the industry as well. From the equipment used to how we record our data, changes are happening. What is Cupping? Coffee cupping evaluations started in the 1890’s. Prior to this time most coffee evaluation was visual, and pricing was based upon the size and color of the green coffee beans. Coffee cupping is a professional skill completed  certified individuals

Different types of coffee will almost always have varying and sometimes distinct coffee tasting notes. Even if you aren’t aware, they play a role in figuring out what specific type of coffee you may prefer. Despite the fact that these notes are so important, and as they can ultimately affect what cup or bag you pick up, many coffee drinkers are unaware as to what coffee tasting notes even are. Coffee tasting notes are a combination of the different aspects of coffee. They help create the exact experience you have when you make and drink your cup of coffee. This includes different

Espresso Anniversario represents only winner from United States Columbia, Maryland - November 12, 2014. Orinoco Coffee & Tea, a Columbia, Maryland-based coffee and tea distributor, announced today that its entry in the International Coffee Tasting 2014 competition was awarded a Gold Medal by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters. The International Coffee Tasting competition is organized by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè/“IIAC”), with the cooperation of the Italian Tasters – Centro Studi Assaggiatori and the support of IIAC Japan, IIAC Korea and IIAC Taiwan and under the patronage of the International Academy of Sensory Analysis. The 2014

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Free shipping for any order total over $25