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Spicy Coffee

Jul 28, 2021 | Blog, Coffee

Experimenting with adding flavors to coffee is always popular. Some prefer to simply brew a coffee that is already preflavored but, there are those that prefer to add their flavors while or after brewing. But what about adding something that can make it a bit more spicy?

Health Benefits

Most of us know that there are health benefits to drinking a spicy beverage. They can help lower mortality rates, speed up your metabolism, and possibly even help fight cancer cells.

And before you frown and ask, “Spicy drinks in the Summer?” Yes! They can increase your internal temperature which then causes you to sweat. As the sweat evaporates, you begin to feel cooler. Not highly effective if you live in a very humid region but, otherwise, very cool (wink, wink).

spicy     Mexican Mocha

Now, many people think of a Mexican Mocha when they think of adding heat to their coffee. Tried and true, this coffee is delicious, now let’s ice it.

Give this Iced Mexican Mocha recipe from Roasty Coffee a try! Just cool enough to enjoy but, just hot enough to make you take notice.

spicy     Hot Sauce

Now there is a new trend that is circling around that says you should just add hot sauce directly to your coffee cup. Now before you go “Ewww!”, check out this hot recipe from Well + Good.

Brewing your coffee with cardamom seeds, adding some vanilla extract and a non-vinegar based sauce, like Siracha, this coffee will warm you up and then give you a gentle kick to start your day.


This delightful Mexican mix of chili powder, salts, and dehydrated lime has been popping up everywhere. You will see it from street vendors on corn and mango. You will see it in the grocery stores, not just for purchase but, on dried mango and pineapple too.

Well, it is now a good way to give your coffee that something extra. Start with a good Coffee Sangria recipe like this one from Bunna. Now before you pour that refreshing glass, coat the rim with lime juice and Tajin. You can even sprinkle a bit on top after you pour. Remember you can make it non-alcoholic by just adding fruit juice instead of a wine.

As usual, we always recommend having some juice, coffee, or hot chocolate ice cubes on hand to avoid a watered down effect and to add additional flavor. And be sure to have a bag of our Organic Fair Trade Guatemala on hand to compliment these great recipes!