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Recipes for Summer Drinks

Jun 8, 2021 | Blog, Blog Home

Summer is always a great time to play with new recipes for Summer drinks. You can take classics like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate and add them to a recipe in such new and unique ways.

Recipes for Summer Drinks   Lemonade

One of the best summertime drink bases is lemonade because its citrusy goodness is literally made for warmer seasons.

You can always have a bottle of syrup around to add in a shot of flavor but, if you want that caffeine boost too, keep reading.

One way to delight and get your morning started is with an Iced Coffee Lemonade. This recipe from Milk and Pop is a great way to start you day in sweet and refreshing way.

Recipes for Summer Drinks   Helpful Hint

And hate when your lemonade gets all watery form ice cubes? Be sure to keep a few flavored cubes in the fridge to add into any of you drinks. Keep it simple with tea, coffee, or lemonade or try a few fun cube ideas from this Rachel Ray magazine article. Be sure to check out the hot chocolate with marshmallow cubes, great in iced coffee too!

Recipes for Summer Drinks   Coffee

Our favorite drink base is coffee! It is so versatile and especially easy to work into a beverage come Summertime.

For a great homemade option, try the Iced Salted Honey Latte by SweetPhi. The sweet and salty combination is a great way to get your day started or to have in hand when you are relaxing on your deck.

If you are looking for an adult only option, give this Frozen Espresso Martini by Good Housekeeping a whirl. This is a delicious and casual frozen treat that can compliment any brunch or campsite with ease.

Now, if you really want to cool down but still get that caffeine fix, try a Mint Mojito Ice Coffee Popsicle by BRIT+CO. Don’t let the name fool you. As long as you are old enough to drink coffee, you are old enough to enjoy these treats. This recipe also allows you to get more use out of your fresh mint plants!

Recipes for Summer Drinks   Tea

Need to get rid of a bit more mint? Give the Iced Melon Moroccan Mint Tea from Taste of Home a sip. You can brew from a tea bag or loose tea. There is also a great recommendation to add ginger ale for flair!

Now don’t forget to be sure you have all you supplies to make these delicious recipes for Summer drinks on hand. But, feel free to swing by our shop if you need some coffee, tea, or syrups for your creations!