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Monin Fruit Smoothie Mix Piña Colada 46 oz Carton


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"Stories say the first official Piña Colada was created in the 1800's by a Puerto Rican pirate to give to his crew. When he passed away, he took the recipe with him. Finally, in 1954, the official Piña Colada recipe was reborn in Puerto Rico after months of experimenting to find the perfect blend of pineapple, coconut and rum. It has been the official drink of Puerto Rico for decades. No matter the season, you will feel instantly transported to a tropical island vacation.

Made with only natural ingredients, Monin Piña Colada Fruit Smoothie Mix offers all the delightful flavor of creamy coconut and fresh pineapple. Pour over ice and blend for an easy non-alcoholic Piña Colada, or add rum to create the classic cocktail, no matter the season. Monin Fruit Smoothie Mixes are the easiest way to add real fruit smoothies to your menu, with additional versatility in other frozen and iced beverages.

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