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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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Before we describe Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, we must start at the beginning.

And in the beginning…was Ethiopia…It is said that Ethiopia is the beginning of coffee and that the Arabica coffee tree originated there where it still grows wild – The name “coffee” descends from the Ethiopian town of KAFFA where coffee was founded first.

In fact, coffee trees still grow in the wild and the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans produce coffee with a distinctive winy flavor and a dense body.

We may have first learned how to cultivate the coffee tree in the ninth century; we do not, however, know who, how, or why, and still remains a mystery today.

Legend has it that coffee was used first used by monks in an attempt of staying awake while praying at night.

Ethiopia is a significant coffee producer today, and its coffees are amongst the most unusual in the world and are defiantly worth seeking out, especially Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, which is perhaps the most difficult one to find. Grown in the misty valley at altitudes in between 5100 and 6600 feet above sea level, making it not easy to describe, for its flavor is not punchy or deep, one may say that it is rather delicate, unusual, gorgeous, mellow, winy, gamey, and it most definitely should be tasted.

Today Ethiopia is, once again, the most important African coffee exporter and the tenth-largest in the world, it is safe to say that coffee is the most important export for the country and that accounts for about 34 percent of the value of all exports, making coffee, the backbone of Ethiopia's economy. * During the 2017/18 marketing year alone, Ethiopia registered a record of almost 917 million U.S. dollars from coffee exports.

Recent market developments mean that certification and traceability have become important new requirements to increase marketability and prices of Ethiopian coffee. The Ethiopian government has responded to market demand by creating certifying bodies and new marketing systems.

* USDA public distribution report.

Don't forget we also have Ethiopia Yirgacheffe in a single serve!

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2 reviews for Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

  1. japoore28

    Great roast! I got the whole bean bag and brewed with my Aeropress and pour over brewers. I tend to like Ethiopian coffee and this roast goes right along with that preference. For me, this could be a solid option for my daily cup of coffee in the morning.

  2. Zozscha

    Loved this Ethiopian coffee! I don’t normally associate Ethiopia with coffee…but this is definitely a homerun. This is my 2nd coffee that I’ve ordered from Orinoco and I’m definitely purchasing more of this one. I used the 2 tablespoons of the pre-ground (to drip coarseness) coffee in my Keurig reusable filter and found the flavor to be amazing. Thank you, Orinoco!

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