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El Salvador Petite Red Honey Finca El Guamo



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El Salvador Red Petite Honey Coffee, from the El Guamo mountain region, has a sparkling apple acidity flavor, with an extremely deep sweetness that resembles honey and brown sugar, with a rich and full-bodied cup, a smooth, sophisticated flavor, and an intense aroma. Its particular sweet flavor is obtained through a unique process in which the skin and pulp are removed yet some or all of the mucilage (honey) remains, adding sweetness to the coffee bean.

It is sad, however, that Salvadoran coffee availability is not what it used to be; according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, El Salvador saw in the 1990s how its coffee crop radically decreased from 3.5 million bags in the 1970s to about 2.5 million bags, mainly due to the presence of insurgents in the coffee fields, which led to a widespread of coffee rust and coffee borer. Coffee production in El Salvador has not been able to recover since. Today, thirty years later coffee harvest stands at 675,000 bags and is not expected to increase more than one percent yearly.

El Salvador’s coffee availability in the United States also experienced considerable changes in the past decades. According to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, a tendency to look towards the export market and a lack of strategy overall has led El Salvador to neglect its domestic market, leading to continued increases in soluble coffee imports, mainly from Mexico, Brazil, and Nicaragua. Starbucks, Juan Valdez, and Salvadoran chain The Coffee Cup continues growing in the retail market.

There is an increasing trend of new coffee shops in major commercial areas, offering premium quality local Bourbon and Pacamara coffee varieties, but they are still a small niche. The United States, however, continues to be the main export destination for El Salvador Petite Red Honey coffee, accounting for almost 43 percent of its exports through April 2019. Germany is the second destination for Salvadoran coffee, followed by Belgium, Japan, Italy, and England.

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