With a heritage of growers, exporters, importers, and roasters, Orinoco Coffee & Tea has produced and sold the finest coffees and teas since 1909.

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Orinoco Coffee & Tea Achieves Prestigious SQF Certification

Feb 1, 2024 | In The News

[Jessup, MD, Feb 1, 2024] – Orinoco Coffee & Tea, a renowned family-owned coffee roaster with a proud history dating back to 1909, has achieved a Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification. This prestigious certification, recognized globally by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), marks a significant milestone in Orinoco’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of food safety and quality in its products.

Orinoco Coffee & Tea, headquartered in Jessup, MD, has been a staple in the coffee and tea industry since brothers Pedro and Juan Carlos Ramirez revived their family’s coffee company in 1996. Originating from southwest Venezuela, the company’s legacy is four generations strong, offering a rich blend of tradition and quality. Today, Orinoco’s products are sourced from the finest production regions across the globe, ensuring a unique and diverse range of flavors for their customers.

The SQF Certification, managed by the Safe Quality Foods Institute, is a rigorous food safety and quality program that includes independent verification that a product or process complies with international standards. This comprehensive certification system covers various aspects of food safety and quality management, including food and ingredient manufacturing, packaging, storage, distribution, and more.

With this certification, Orinoco Coffee & Tea joins an elite group of over 12,000 SQF-certified sites in 40 countries, demonstrating a dedication to excellence that aligns with the best practices in the global food industry. The certification process involves a thorough audit of the company’s food safety and quality management systems, ensuring compliance with the most recognized standards in the food industry.

Orinoco Coffee & Tea’s achievement of the SQF Certification also highlights their dedication to continual improvement and their commitment to strengthening their brand. It minimizes risk, protects the company’s reputation, and assures customers that products have been produced, prepared, and handled according to the highest standards.

“We are honored to announce our SQF Certification, which serves as further validation for our amazing crew and their unwavering dedication to our customers and our brand,” said Orinoco Coffee and Tea President and CEO Pedro Ramirez.

“This achievement is another step in our journey towards excellence that began over 100 years ago with my great-grandfather. It’s not merely a mark of quality and safety, but a promise to consumers and partners that every cup of Orinoco coffee and tea is the product of meticulous care and passion.”

For more information about Orinoco Coffee & Tea and their range of products, please visit www.orinococoffeeandtea.com.


Ethan Bomhardt

SQF Manager



About Orinoco Coffee & Tea

With a roasting legacy that spans four generations, Orinoco Coffee & Tea has evolved from a local coffee exporter in southwest Venezuela to a globally recognized coffee roasting company based in Jessup, MD. With a rich heritage and a commitment to quality, Orinoco provides an extensive range of coffee and tea products, sourced from the finest regions worldwide, to retailers, local coffee shops, and grocery chains across the United States.