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Exploring Coffee Tasting Notes

Aug 3, 2020 | Blog, Blog Home, Coffee

Different types of coffee will almost always have varying and sometimes distinct coffee tasting notes. Even if you aren’t aware, they play a role in figuring out what specific type of coffee you may prefer.

Despite the fact that these notes are so important, and as they can ultimately affect what cup or bag you pick up, many coffee drinkers are unaware as to what coffee tasting notes even are.

Coffee tasting notes are a combination of the different aspects of coffee. They help create the exact experience you have when you make and drink your cup of coffee. This includes different tastes and aromas. But, while this sounds simple, the deeper into the world of coffee you go the more complex it can become.

However, to keep it nice and simple we’ll start with arguably the most obvious differentiating factor of various coffees, taste. The taste of a coffee is influenced by many different components both before and after roasting.


The factors that occur before roasting include; where the coffee originated from (such as Brazil), when the coffee was harvested, freshness of said crop and how the coffee is stored before it is finally roasted.

When it is time for the coffee to be roasted, the degree it is roasted to plays a large part in the taste as well. Our coffees here at Orinoco fall into one of three categories; light, medium, dark, and bold roast. Our roasts are selected to perfectly complement the coffee and result in a thoroughly exemplary product. This selection process also helps to create the essential, pleasant aromas that play a role just as important as the taste when it comes to tasting notes.


After the coffee is roasted the taste can then also be altered yet again. How the coffee is packaged, stored, and transported, and even brewed by fellow coffee consumers.

Yes, how you brew can have a large impact of the taste of your coffee. The water used, the machine used, and even how much of each will effect the notes.

Its more than safe to say that coffee tasting notes can be made as simple of as complicated as you want them to be but, at the end of the day, it is all about that great cup in your hand!

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