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Coffee Trends 2022

Jan 5, 2022 | Blog, Blog Home, Coffee

Coffee trends in the past have at times seemed superficial and unnecessary. But the pandemic has shifted the public view on many aspects of their day-to-day life and coffee is one of those areas.

People are looking for food and drink that can improve their lives, the lives of the farmers/workers that produce it and be sustainable.

Here are a few of the top trends in coffee that will hit one, if not all those target points.

coffee trends     Koji-Fermented Coffee

In an interview with Forbes, the creator of koji-fermented coffee, Koichi Higuchi (who studied bioscience at the University of Minnesota), revealed that the idea for koji-fermented coffee came out of a conversation with his friend, a coffee aficionado. Much like the Civet cat’s kopi luwak digestion process, koji has enzymes that break down complex proteins, starches, and fats, achieving a similar effect, except in a lab rather than the cat’s digestive system.

Koji spores are sprinkled over green coffee beans and fermented for a few days. Higuchi roasted the beans into a light and dark roast, and reported to Forbes: “Compared to regular beans, the dark roast gave milder taste, whereas the light roast had cleaner acidity. Also, I did not get the subtle burning sensation that I suffer from by drinking regular coffee.”

Some have suggested that the koji fermentation process might even add value to beans that are considered lower quality. The El Vergel Estate in Colombia did some testing and they had great results with this processing method. Apparently, it increased the cup score by at least one point and, in some cases, between two and two-point-five.

While Koji-fermented coffee is not yet commercially available, we will wait with bated breath to see how this amazing mold might bring bolder, more sustainable, flavors to our daily cup of joe.

     Growth of Current and Emergence of New Non-Dairy Milks

Now just about everyone seems to favor at least one of the current top three milk alternatives; Oat, Coconut, or Almond. Even other nuts, such as cashew and walnut are still on the scene with Soy. With more people looking for healthy, plant-based options you can understand the surge of interest.

Well, this year will be no exception to your options because here comes “potato milk”. Right now, it is only available in Sweden, China, and the United Kingdom via Amazon. The brand to watch for is call DUG and it is the brainchild of Swedish food researcher and Lund University professor Eva Tornberg.

What DUG seems to be most proud of is the sustainability that comes from being made from potatoes. According to DUG, growing potatoes is “twice as efficient” from a land-use perspective as growing oats, growing potatoes require 56 times less water than an equivalent acreage of almonds, and planting potatoes in a field has a significantly smaller “climate impact” than using that same field to raise dairy cattle.

Look out because it seems like this alternative may be a super-sustainable option!

     Instant Coffee

Once upon a time, coffee pods were the answer to fast and convenient homemade coffee. However, when dalgona coffee recipes overtook TikTok during coronavirus quarantines, the focus shifted onto instant coffee. Fast forward to 2022, and people are using various forms of instant coffee as environmentally responsible coffee pod replacements.

Now don’t get mislead, consumers that are seeking instant coffee are seeking speed, savings, and convenience, but they don’t want to sacrifice flavor. Premium instant coffee as a liquid coffee concentrate, coffee powders, and freeze-dried granules will be the hottest in 2022.

Many of these options are not only convenient but, they are also sustainable. With fully recyclable packaging, you can ensure even less microplastic and waste makes it to the landfill. That is something many people feel is worth giving a specialty instant a try.

     Coffee Blends

Coffee blends are mixtures of a least two single origin coffees. When you see the word ‘blend’ on your coffee bag, and you might be a bit wary. And rightly so: some roasteries and big-name coffee chains use blending to hide their lower quality purchased beans. It’s a great way of keeping their costs down…

But not here at Orinoco! Coffee blends can be a great way of exploring new flavor combinations and we have always had fun creating new blends with our high-quality single origin beans. And we’re excited to see what happens as they become a bit more artisan in 2022! Don’t believe it, give one of our Orinoco Blends a try now before it becomes too trendy.

     Locally Roasted Coffee

Last of our highlighted coffee trends but, not the least, people are looking for a premium experience when they visit a coffee shop, or even in their home office. And that starts with freshly roasted beans.

Raw coffee beans are green-hued and grassy tasting. Coffee roasting is heating and browning coffee beans to bring out their aroma and flavor. Once they’re roasted, coffee beans lose their freshness. The sooner you grind and brew your roasted coffee beans, the better.

That is why Orinoco Coffee and Tea stands by their promise to not shelve their coffee. Whether we are shipping it to a café, a grocery, or an individual, we don’t roast our green beans until we have the order in hand. So you can be sure you are receiving the freshest cup when you buy Orinoco!