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Coffee Inspired Art or Medium?

Mar 31, 2020 | Blog, Blog Home

Coffee inspired art can mean a number of wonderful things. Coffee can lend inspiration to create music, writing, and cuisine. But what happens when the coffee is now the medium used to create?

There are people who are using coffee paint, mix mediums, and even creating full spectrums of color by introducing tea into the mix.


Maria Aristidou uses brewed coffee and grounds to paint beautiful watercolors. She has become greatly skilled in identifying the variations in color among a variety of various roasts. Giulia Bernardelli has taken to painting with spoons, toothpicks, and even her own fingers both in and out of coffee cups. She also mixes the watercolors with photography taking a photo after the piece is complete.

And there is Gerard Tonti who is taking his pieces even further. He is using both coffee and tea to make the paints as he creates his pieces. He must purchase coffee and tea from around the world to create the full spectrum of colors he needs to complete his works. He also incorporates layers of rice paper and coffee filters to the canvas he paints on further incorporating coffee and tea elements.

Latte Art

Latte Art has also become a great source of delight among consumers and baristas alike. And be prepared to step up your game if you want to compete. Simply delivering a cup of coffee doesn’t cut it everywhere. Coffee presentation is now another venue for creative expression.

Gone are the days of a simple heart or rosetta gracing your cup. Look to Japan and you will find artists like Kazuki Yamamoto creating 3-D works of art using espresso and foam in fun and challenging ways.

Social media has helped latte artists gain recognition for their momentary art. Some even have fan followings. It can take 3-5 minutes to create a more complex design but, fear not, another order creates the opportunity for yet another creation.

There are many ways for artists to create coffee inspired art and there will be many who continue to take it to a level even higher. So, kick back with your own cup and enjoy the view!


coffee inspired art               coffee inspired art