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Give the Holidays a Homemade Feel with These 3 Great Coffee Crafts

Nov 23, 2022 | Blog

Sometimes, a great cup of coffee inspires us to create something wonderful.

And, sometimes, the inspiration to create comes long before the coffee is brewed, from the raw materials themselves.

Sites like Etsy and Pinterest are filled to the brim (pun definitely intended) with coffee crafts that astound and amuse.

And with the holidays approaching – not to mention Giving Tuesday on Nov. 29 – what better time to don your artist’s cap, pick up a brush and a bag of beans (or maybe just the bag itself), and create something homemade and heartfelt for that special someone on your gift list.

Consider the following coffee crafts that are a hit with java lovers worldwide.

Filters: Inexpensive and generally plentiful, standard coffee filters provide a fitting, functional, and incredibly versatile coffee craft that can brighten a boring afternoon while cheering someone up in the process. Many are also great projects to do with the kids – even if mom and dad have to handle the scissors. From decorative pom poms to faux floral arrangements, it’s impressive what a little ingenuity, imagination, and a handy stapler can do. In a decidedly meta-twist, you can even concoct DIY tea bags with your leftover filters. And with the holidays en route, there is practically no end to the festive fun you can have. String coffee filter garland from the branches or give the old-fashioned paper angel a new spin. No tree yet? No worries – you can use coffee filters to brew up one of those as well.

Beans: Not only are bean-based coffee crafts a cinch to assemble, but they are also incredibly aromatic, making decorating your home all the more enjoyable. Using beans to create imaginative works of framed coffee art is becoming a popular trend, while coffee bean candle holders, resin coasters, and wine bottle décor are popular entries on a long list of freshly harvested happiness that you can cook up in no time flat.

Burlap: Durable, biodegradable, and aesthetically unique, burlap is a woven fabric that hails from the jupe plant. It is commonly used for the storage and shipping of coffee due to its protective qualities, which help to keep coffee fresh while keeping insects out. For that reason, it’s also a favorite of gardeners, who regularly use burlap as pest control and as an alternative to synthetic weed fabric. More recently, burlap has become popular in the coffee crafts corner, used for everything from table runners to silverware and utensil holders to Christmas tree skirts.

Whether for decoration, to use in the garden, or to create coffee crafts of your very own, Orinoco’s genuine green bean burlap bags hail from various locations around the globe, and each one is unique.  Most importantly, Orinoco donates all burlap bag proceeds to the Howard County Food Bank, which provides adequate and nutritious food to those in need. On Giving Tuesday – and any time of year – when you buy burlap bags to feed your burgeoning coffee crafts habit, you are actually helping this important nonprofit feed families in need throughout Howard County, MD.

Order your green bean burlap bags and get crafting today.