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Coffee Consumption and a Pandemic

May 7, 2020 | Blog, Blog Home

Coffee consumption has always been a topic of great debate and humor. How much is too much? Flavored? How late is too late to drink? Decaf, really!?

Now with most of the population staying in their homes, we are now looking at coffee differently and the same. Based on a survey Sprudge conducted, they are finding coffee consumption is on the rise. Out of 468 people, they found, “Before coronavirus folks were consuming on average 2.45 cups of coffee a day. That number has since gone up to 2.77 cups, roughly a third cup extra a day representing an over 13% increase.”

Obviously, people are still finding their coffee. And no wonder with the added benefits it provides. Studies have shown links between coffee and the lowering of your risk for diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. It even contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

Coffee even helps prevent weight gain. Trying to avoid the “quarantine 15”? Fuel yourself by consuming at least four 8 ounce cups a day along with your daily 30 minutes of exercise.

Now, we all know how easily we get bored with the same food and drink being served in your kitchen every day. No worries! People have found new ways to entertain themselves while indulging in coffee at the same time:

• Frothy Coffee (aka Dalgona Coffee)
• Coffee Gelatin Bites – Served alone or topped with vanilla pudding, ice cream or chilled coconut cream.
• Granola with Cold Brew – Fill glass halfway with cold brew, add a splash of heavy cream if you like, and top with granola for a quick snack.
• Cold Brew Sangria – Prepare your cold brew overnight with added muddled fruit. Strain in the morning. Finally, sweeten with honey or fruit juice to drink.
• Coffee Cocktails – From traditional Irish Coffee to Honeyed Coffee Gin & Tonic, many are getting creative when they need a change from their standard quarantinis.

No matter what your fancy is, it seems there are many ways to enjoy your coffee while at home. And it is a safe bet that people will always find a way to get their coffee. You can even find some here!

coffee consumptioncoffee consumption