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Coffee 101: How to Master the Pour Over

Jul 23, 2019 | Coffee, Coffee & Tea 101

The pour over coffee method may be as basic as it gets, yet it repeatedly delivers one of the most crisp, complex, and enjoyable coffee drinking experiences around.

While a rising trend commonly associated with hipsters, the pour over is also the oldest trick in the book where coffee is concerned – giving users a great deal of control over variables, from the amount of coffee used to the precise saturation of the grounds. This degree of control mitigates error and promotes a better tasting brew.

Always keep in mind:

  • Water that is too hot will burn your grounds.
  • Water that is lukewarm will cause your grounds to be over-extracted.
  • A finer grind is recommended for pour over enthusiasts.

Ready to get pouring?


  • 340g of water
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • 20g of your favorite Orinoco roast
  • Filter
  • Pour Over Brewer
  • Carafe
  • Scale
  • Timer


  1. Bring water to a boil. Remove from heat and let stand for 30 seconds. (Temperature should be around 205º)
  2. Grind coffee to consistency of table salt or sand.
  3. Measure out 20 grams of freshly ground coffee. This will yield about 11oz.
  4. Place your filter in the dripper and lightly wet with hot water.
  5. Add ground coffee to the filter and tap to level.
  6. Place dripper on top of carafe.
  7. Start timer.
  8. Using a circular motion, pour water (40g) into dripper to gently saturate grounds. Notice the “bloom” of the coffee, as it begins to degas after 15-20 seconds.
  9. Continue pouring in a spiral pattern, making sure to keep water level between ½ to ¾ full. Slow or hasten pour, as needed, to control brewing time – until your timer reaches 3 minutes. Your target weight is 360g total, using the last 30g of water to pour around the outside rim of the coffee bed.
  10. Remove dripper from carafe, pour into a mug, and enjoy!

The pour over method is a reminder that coffee does not need frills to be fabulous. Find out for yourself today.