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Big Coffee Trends of 2020

May 19, 2020 | Blog, Blog Home

Every year new coffee trends trot out to greet us but, this year, what will make the list as 2020’s big coffee trends?

At the beginning of the year, it would have been safe to list the flat white, coffee cocktails, and coffee slushies/smoothies as must try drinks this year. Now with cafes and bars closed due to COVID-19, we are seeing alternative big coffee trends taking over the scene.

Large Format Coffee Trend

Right now, everyone wants to support their small, local businesses. Social media even encourages the behavior with new stickers, tags, and hashtags. However, if you are going out in public, you want to be sure to make the trip worth it. Volume purchases have become second nature.

So, enter the half-gallons and gallons of lattes. Chai, lavender matcha, horchata, and even the more traditional vanilla and mocha lattes have become supersized!

People love them and love being able to support their local shops with these, so coined by Sprudge, Lattes Grandes.

big coffee trends

Instant Coffee Trends

In a society that was used to being on the go, it is no surprise that instant coffee began to take flight. Companies such as Sudden and Swift Cup Coffee have made gourmet instant coffee a reality.

That said, single serve coffees still have that one negative, extra packaging. The solution? Dissolving coffee pods.

A company, aptly named Stirz, is beginning to use food grade Polyvinyl Alcohol, also known as PVOH to make these pods. It dissolves completely upon disposal in water and is consumed by bacterial micro-organisms. PVOH’s unique safety and environmental profile make it an ideal material for helping make certain everyday products safer, simpler, and more sustainable.

big coffee trends

Ready to Drink (RTD) Coffee Trends

We all have enjoyed brewing our own coffee but when you are hopping from a Zoom meeting for work to helping your child with their latest Google Meet you need a quick grab item. For those moments, the market is bursting with options:

Sparkling Coffee – Stumptown, VIVIC, Mövenpick and, coming soon, Pepsi Café will make its splash into the mix. They all offer traditional flavors but, some are already stepping out of the mold with flavors like Lavender, Ginger Citrus and Strawberry.

Coffee with a Cause – Limited Edition Design by Halsey – High Brew is known for their tasty brews to go. So, a limited edition Toasted Coconut Latte is an easy sell. But this one gives back 15% of Amazon proceeds to Feeding America, a hunger relief organization that was personally selected by Halsey, who also drew the design, and one that is close to her heart.

Plant Based Milks and CBD Coffee – Many companies have said goodbye to the standard cow’s milk when it comes to their cold brew and lattes. Many companies know their consumers are looking to indulge but are more mindful of what goes into their bodies. Cashews, oats and almonds are joined with CBD and vitamins to make a healthier pick me up in the afternoon.

big coffee trends

As usual, the coffee industry does not disappoint with offerings for every pallet. Which big coffee trends do you think are here to stay?