Q: Where can I buy your coffee in stores?
A: Love the coffee, but can’t wait for shipping? You can find our products in grocery store chains and gourmet shops across the Atlantic region, but unfortunately, it’s simply impossible to list everywhere our coffee is sold or served. We’ve listed a few places here, but the best way to find us locally is to give us a call at (800) 773-0750. We are always happy to let you know if there are any retail stores in your area.

Q: How do you pronounce your name?
A: We get this question a lot! Ore-in-OO-ko is the name; great coffee and teas are our game!

Q: Do you deliver to states outside of VA, MD, or D.C.?
A: Yes! We make personal deliveries to wholesale accounts within these states. Accounts outside of those states are shipped (typically UPS or FedEx). We ship our products internationally as well.

Q: What makes your coffee so good?
A: Well, it begins with our passion for an excellent brew! And, we only import our beans and teas from the best tea and coffee producing regions. To learn more, read our Why Origin Matters page.

Q: What does Fair Trade mean?
A: Fair trade is a social movement that advocates fair wages and safe working conditions in developing countries where products like coffee, gold, and handcrafts are produced. Goods that bear the Fair Trade Certified label carry an independent, third party-verified guarantee that the farmer received a fair price for the crop. Fair Trade Certified companies believe in the importance of helping farming families keep food on the table, children in school, and families on their land.

There are several recognized Fair Trade certifiers. Orinoco is a certified by Fair Trade USA and we proudly offer a variety of Fair Trade products. To learn more about Fair Trade, visit FairTradeUSA.org, then consider purchasing one of our Fair Trade products today.

Q: Why does origin matter?
A: Good question. Certain environmental factors can influence how your tea or coffee tastes. Tea and bean size can also impact the flavor. To learn more, read our blog post “Why Origin Matters“.

Q: Do you offer regular tours of your roasting facility in Maryland?
A: Sorry, but no. (Although we have hosted a field trip or two.) If you would like to visit our facility, give us a call at (410) 312-5292 and we’ll set up an appointment.

Q: How do you add flavor to your coffee?
A: We carefully add our flavoring products after the beans are roasted and cooled. It’s the quality of these flavorings and the care we take in choosing and roasting the beans that make our coffee flavors, like hazelnut and amaretto, especially delicious.

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