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January 2021

As we continue to explore types of coffee plants, we will first visit Arabica coffee species. This species includes the Typica and Bourbon varieties. It also includes cultivars like Kent, Java, Caturra, and Maragogype, just to name a few. Much like the plant, this species has many branches.      Typica Arabica’s first commercial variety to leave the Arabian Peninsula, Typica traces its lineage to an unknown landrace in Yemen, which grew and evolved there after originally arriving from Ethiopia likely after the middle of the 15th century. Typica is a conical tree with narrow leaves and long, narrow berries and seeds.    

So, what is honey coffee? Right away you may think of a honey infused latte, or coffee soaked in honey. But that is not the case with honey coffee. Honey coffee is a nicer way to refer to the third primary coffee processing method. Coffee Processing As we know, coffee beans are the stones that come from a coffee cherry. To get to the coffee beans the cherry skin and pulp must be processed off. At least that is the goal of the first two main processing methods, washed and natural.     With washed coffee, the focus is on the beans true flavor because

So, we all know what a roasted coffee bean is but, what is coffee? And what types of coffee plants are there? In this series we will discuss coffee from its beginning and the varieties available around the world. Where does coffee come from? According to Merriam-Webster the definition of coffee is: cof·fee /ˈkôfē, ˈkäfē/ a beverage made by percolation, infusion, or decoction from the roasted and ground seeds of a coffee plant. That coffee plant is actually a tree where coffee cherries grow along the branches. Coffee trees are pruned short to conserve their energy and aid in harvesting. Each tree is covered

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Free shipping for any order total over $25