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March 2015

Spring is around the corner, and for many that means putting away the cold weather beverages like hot apple cider and trading it in for a cool, refreshing tea. But why? Here are some GREAT recipes that incorporate the refreshing taste that only cider can deliver. Enjoy! Cider Float 1 oz. Cider Concentrate 7 oz. Ginger ale Scoop of vanilla ice cream Apple Raspberry Cooler 1 oz. Cider Concentrate 1/4 oz. Raspberry syrup 7 oz. Sparkling water Apple Pie a la Mode Milkshake 1 oz. Cider Concentrate 1/2 oz. Caramel syrup 4 oz. Milk 1 Scoop vanilla ice cream 1 Piece of graham cracker Blend until smooth Apple Ginger Iced Tea 1 oz. Cider Concentrate 7 oz. Iced

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